Executive Minutes –May 28/18


Present: Chris, Raj, Tim, Trevor

Motion to adopt the agenda:  Trevor/Tim Carried

Registrar:  4/4 for 100%

Secretary:  Motion to approve minutes from May 14 Tim/Trevor  Carried

Treasurer:  Balances as printed on agenda.  New accesses for online banking to make it easier.

Chris wants to get the investment strategy wrapped up by July 1.  Raj wants to get an investment policy statement put into place.


Motion to move investments to National Bank into Russell investment funds Raj/Tim defeated


Bingo – 185K jackpot this weekend.  Debate about special game with $1 per card from the $100K game.  Probably not a big deal as the jackpot is big enough.  Jacquie is emailing CTV information for PSAs.


Service – nothing right now


Adjourn at 6:56

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