Motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting February 5th (Raj/Scott)

Met with two auditors for quotes. Still meeting with one or two more.
Need to meet with Investment planners sometime in April, try for 3 meetings in one day.
Assets: Approx $900K cash
Liabilities: Approx $600K ($300K Jackpots and Kinpots, $300K Sherbrook Pool)
Kin Kar – Need to create show signups for RV show and World of Wheels. Enns Bros was not responsive for getting prizes for the show. Exhibitor passes were (dis)organized by the show.
Bingo – Sales are great. Special $100K game. Will talk to LGA about possibility of collecting a commission on bingo sales to go towards an endowment fund.
Dream Factory – planning Dream Makers Auction
Friends of Sherbrook Pool – requested funding
Old Business
Criminal record checks are being demanded by Kin Canada in the near future. Details should be coming soon.

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