Executive Minutes – Mar.19


Present:  Chris, Tim, Raj, Scott, Trevor

Motion to Adopt Agenda:  Scott/Raj  Carried

Registrar Report:  5/5 active executive

Secretary:  Motion to approve Mar. 5 minutes Tim/Trevor Carried

Treasurer:  Balances as printed.  IG though is about 599K. Discussion ensued around email from Raj about what to do with the minutes.  Raj and Tim wanted to move funds into low risk money fund in order to facilitate anticipated moves.  Scott and Trevor thought leaving it alone was a best strategy.

Motion: Give Raj and Chris authority to move money to maximizer should it reach a minimum of 600k. Raj/Tim  Defeated.

Decision was made to invite investment advisors for April 7th to make presentations.

Raj reached out to gaming in regards to the idea of an endowment fund.  They are good with what we want to do as long as it is inline with our current mission and they can monitor and get reports on spending.

Projects:  Kin Kar:  We made 3945 at world of wheels, 785 at the boat show and 1000ish at the RV show.

Bingo:  100K game March 31 and the Jackpot is 107K for next week.  Raj talked about Jacquie’s bonus, it will be presented next week with a performance evaluation.


Adding for Ride For Dad and MS ride to agenda for general.

Motion to adjourn:  Tim Carried, adjourned at 6:55

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